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The information available on this website, including text, logos, graphics, figures, images, charts, pictures, diagrams, multimedia clips and electronic downloads, is the property of WMO, or of individuals or institutions wherever indicated so, and is protected by intellectual property law.

You may freely download and copy the material contained on this website only for your personal, non-commercial use, and without any right to resell, redistribute, compile or create derivative works therefrom, subject to more specific restrictions that may apply to specific materials.

The copyright for the individual graphics, figures, images, charts, pictures, diagrams, multimedia clips and related content presented on this site resides with the original authors or institution. Prior permission from the copyright holders is required for other uses of these materials.

All requests for permission of use should indicate the exact material you would like to use, the main purpose for which you intend to use it and include your name, organization, contact details and website address. WMO will not consider insufficiently documented requests and will only reply to requests considered favourably. WMO reserves the right to determine the extent of, and the conditions for, any license or permission. Please contact us directly for all requests.

Links to the WMO ICA website: in line with established Internet usage, any external Website may provide a hyperlink to the WMO ICA Website or to any of its pages without requesting permission. However, this use must not infringe WMO's rights. The WMO emblem may not be used as a link without prior authorization.