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Altocumulus floccus


This type of Altocumulus occurs in tufts.

Below the cloud. Viewed from below, the patches of this cloud are diffuse. They may be whitish or dark, and the bases are not all at exactly the same level. Virga may be observed falling from the clouds. Turbulence is weak to moderate below Altocumulus floccus.

Within the cloud. Light icing may occur, and turbulence can range from weak to fairly strong.

Above the cloud. Viewed from above, the cloud elements look like small Cumulus clouds surrounded by, or emerging from, a milky-white area. This cloud is usually 500–1 000 m (1 650–3 300 ft) thick. The cumuliform tufts at times reach a vertical extent of 2–3 km (6 500–10 000 ft), causing the full cloud to resemble Altocumulus castellanus from above.

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